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Protein Staining Reagent

1 is a methanol- and acetic acid-free one-component ready-to-use solution for staining proteins. After polyacrylamide gelelectrophoresis, 1 can be used for protein staining by soaking the gel in 1.

Direction for Use :
1. After gelelectrophoresis, wash the gel with deionized water for 5 minutes three times.
2. Remove the water, add 1 till the gel is soaked and shake the gel gently for 1 hour at room temperature.
3. Remove 1 and destain the gel with deionized water for 1 hour. If high background staining is observed, destain the gel with deionized water overnight at room temperature.
Figure. Proteins stained by the above method (destained overnight)


  • 1)H. Nivinskas, K. Cole, BioTechniques 1996, 20, 380.
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