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Phosphorylation [Synthetic Reagents]

The phosphorylation reaction is an important reaction in organic synthesis, especially in DNA or RNA synthesis where nucleotides are made by adding phosphate groups to nucleosides. Various reagents and methods of phosphorylation have been developed. For example, the phosphorylation methods include the DCC method by Khorana et al., the phosphotriester method and the phosphite method by Letsinger et al. and the amidite method by Caruthers et al. etc. They are utilized depending on each purpose. This section below shows the typical reagents employed for phosphorylation.
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Produit # D2883
CAS RN 13498-14-1
Pureté >98.0%(T)

Produit # D5206
CAS RN 2574-25-6
Pureté >98.0%(GC)(T)

Produit # P1223
CAS RN 990-91-0
Pureté >98.0%(HPLC)

Produit # D1059
CAS RN 2524-64-3
Pureté >95.0%(GC)

Produit # T1895
CAS RN 3982-91-0
Pureté >98.0%(T)

Produit # C1250
CAS RN 6609-64-9
Pureté >95.0%(GC)(NMR)

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