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High-Quality Organic Semiconductors [for Organic Electronics]

 Organic semiconductors have been receiving much attention as promising materials for “printed electronics” owing to their flexibility and solubility. TCI offers several special reagents of guaranteed very high-quality for these purposes, including typical and cutting-edge semiconducting materials utilized for organic field effect transistors (OFET), organic photovoltaics (OPV), or organic electroluminescence devices (OLED).

 Every batch of the reagents are uniquely analyzed against our high purity and quality standards by in-house by the preparation of OFET devices, and tested for FET mobility. We continue to recognize and value the real performance of our materials research products as a quality standard, wherein conventional analytical methods are not accurate enough to reveal performance deficiencies due to impurities.

To learn more and view examples of our device evaluations, visit “A Performance Evaluation of Organic Transistor Materials”.

 For a wider product lineup, please follow the following links to see our non-FET validated materials research products.

Organic Transistor (OFET) Materials

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Materials

Organic Solar Cell (OPV) Materials

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Product Number F1233
CAS RN 115383-22-7
Purity / Analysis Method: >99.0%(HPLC)

Product Number T3924
CAS RN 1681007-44-2
Purity / Analysis Method: >98.0%(HPLC)

Product Number D5491
CAS RN 1398395-83-9
Purity / Analysis Method: >99.5%(HPLC)

Product Number P2682
CAS RN 160848-22-6
Purity / Analysis Method: >99.5%(HPLC)

Product Number T3922
CAS RN 1458041-70-7
Purity / Analysis Method: >98.0%(HPLC)