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CASA: New Chiral NMR Shift Reagents

No.181(August 2019)
(R,R)-CASA-H (1)
(S,S)-CASA-H (2)
(R,R)-CASA-Na (3)
(S,S)-CASA-Na (4)
CASAs (1-4) are chiral hexa-dentate aluminum complexes usable as chiral shift reagents. When a mixture of a substrate and CASA are measured in NMR, the chemical shifts of the protons adjacent to oxygen and nitrogen functions are shifted, there by resolving the peaks of the two enantiomers present. Furthermore, CASAs are applicable to both polar and non-polar deuterated solvents.
C3671, C3672, C3673, C3674
NMR analysis using C3671
NMR measurement of a mixture of 1 and 1-phenylethylamine
(Measured at TCI, 400 MHz, CD3OD, racemic, S form, R form on right)
These products were produced by collaboration with Prof. Hyunwoo Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).


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