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Next-Generation Carbon Material with Infinite Potential:
(6,6)Carbon Nanobelt


• New carbon material synthesized for the first time in 2017 after over 60 years of challenges.
• Rigid belt structure with 12 fully fused benzene rings
• Partial structure of armchair-type carbon nanotube (CNT)
• (6,6)Carbon Nanobelt has properties similar to (6,6)CNT
• Red light emission: λem = 630 nm (λex = 500 nm in CH2Cl2)

I1078 appearance & fluorescence

I1078 highligten in Nature

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Nanocarbon Unit Structures

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This product was commerciallized by collaboration with Prof. Kenichiro Itami and Assoc. Prof. Yasutomo Segawa at Nagoya University.

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