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 The use of versatile intermediates is very important for various oligosaccharide syntheses. Choices of the suitable protective groups are important for regio- and stereo-selective oligosaccharides syntheses. Synthetic strategy often determines whether the synthesis is successful or not. Protective groups must hold up against a variety of reaction conditions to construct an organic molecule but each group must be de-protected selectively for the following reaction. Thus, selective introduction and removal of protective groups are important in organic chemistry.
 The page below shows chemical synthetic reagents and enzymes.

  • pdfReagents for Glyco Chemistry & Biology 5th Edition
  • pdfTCI's contract synthesis service of sugar chains
  • pdf硫酸化透明质酸
  • pdfCarbohydrate-binding Protein Related Reagents: Recombinant Lectins
  • pdfSialylglycopeptide (SGP), Disialyloctasaccharide
  • pdf合成糖抗原免疫治疗研究
  • pdfTumor-associated Antigens
  • pdfα-半乳糖神经酰胺(α-GalCer)
  • pdf价格实惠并且空气中稳定的晶体状L-甘油-D-甘露庚糖衍生物
  • pdfCell-Surface Oligosaccharides
  • pdfChemical Synthesis of the Ganglioside
  • pdfGlycosynthase
  • pdfDrug delivery system (DDS) products from TCI / Functional sugar chains of TCI
  • pdfAntibodies and Related Reagents
  • pdfChemical synthesis of the glycosaminoglycan
  • pdf寡糖在糖偶联物中的应用
  • pdfOligosaccharide Replacement of a Therapeutic Antibody by using Endo-M and Glycosynthase
  • pdf化学合成唾液酸糖苷
  • pdf(This brochure is unavailable.)
  • pdfChemically Synthesized Oligosaccharides
  • pdf基于化学合成的N-聚糖/标记N-聚糖
  • pdf多糖
  • pdfMM3D-Fluorogenic Probe for Real-Time Measurement of ENGase Activity
  • pdfAnti-αGal Polyclonal Antibodies
  • pdf化妆品研究用试剂
  • pdf植物受精糖增强剂AMOR
  • pdfAnti-Glycosaminoglycan Antibodies
  • pdfHSA-Oligosaccaride Conjugates
  • pdfXenoantigen and Anti-Xenoantigen Antibodies
  • pdfAnti-Sulfo LacNAc Antibodies
  • pdf化学合成的唾液寡糖
  • pdf可用于无保护糖的糖基化的三嗪衍生物
  • pdfCore-fucosylated N-Glycan and Labeled Core-fucosylated N-Glycan based on Chemical Synthesis
  • pdf鞘糖脂内切糖苷酶
  • pdf非人类糖表位相关试剂
  • pdfSialylated N-Glycan Series, Functionally-modified at the Reducing End
  • pdfVirus-related Glycan Epitopes (Virus-related Oligosaccharides)
  • pdfOligocaccharide Series from Natural Resources
  • pdfGlycosidation
  • pdfChemical Synthesis of Globo-series Oligosaccarides
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