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Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons试剂 [烯化反应]

 Horner-Emmons reagents are efficient olefinating reagents for the preparation of α-β-unsaturated esters. Generally, their reaction with aldehydes affords the E-isomer of the related olefins preferentially. So, to obtain the E-isomer selectively, it is required to investigate the reaction conditions and other effective olefinating reagants.
 Ando had studied the Z-preferential Horner-Emmons reaction on the basis of detailed analysis of its reaction mechanism, and resultantly it was found that the Z-isomer of α-β-unsaturated esters was given with high stereoselectively by use of ethyl (diaryl)phosphonoacetates as olefinating reagents.1) In this synthetic method, quaternary ammonium hydroxides stable to water are available as a base, and it doesn’t require any special experimental-equipment/-technique. In addition, this method gives Z-α-β-unsaturated esters with extremely high stereoelectivity, so ethyl (diaryl)phosphonoacetates are the practical Horner-Emmons reagents.
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产品编码 B5094
CAS RN 62327-21-3
纯度/分析方法 >95.0%(GC)

产品编码 D2548
CAS RN 188945-41-7
纯度/分析方法 >95.0%(GC)

产品编码 D4000
CAS RN 1145-93-3
纯度/分析方法 >95.0%(GC)

产品编码 D1523
CAS RN 867-13-0
纯度/分析方法 >97.0%(GC)

产品编码 P1193
CAS RN 33512-26-4
纯度/分析方法 >98.0%(GC)

产品编码 D3080
CAS RN 3095-95-2
纯度/分析方法 >95.0%(T)

产品编码 C1430
CAS RN 2537-48-6
纯度/分析方法 >98.0%(GC)

产品编码 B4011
CAS RN 89524-98-1
纯度/分析方法 >98.0%(HPLC)(N)

产品编码:   B5094 | 纯度/分析方法   >95.0%(GC)

产品编码:   D2548 | 纯度/分析方法   >95.0%(GC)

产品编码:   D4000 | 纯度/分析方法   >95.0%(GC)

产品编码:   D1523 | 纯度/分析方法   >97.0%(GC)

产品编码:   P1193 | 纯度/分析方法   >98.0%(GC)

产品编码:   D3080 | 纯度/分析方法   >95.0%(T)

产品编码:   C1430 | 纯度/分析方法   >98.0%(GC)

产品编码:   B4011 | 纯度/分析方法   >98.0%(HPLC)(N)