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Product Labels in compliance with GHS

In response to business growth and regulatory changes in the global market, we introduced new product labels compliant with GHS standards in February 2011.

New Small Label (Sample)

New Small Label (Sample)

New Large Label (Sample)

New Large Label (Sample)

Explanatory Notes

1. Product Number
2. Lot Number
3. Lot Control Number
4. Quantity
5. Product Name
6. Rational Formula or Molecular Formula
7. Molecular Weight
8. CAS Number
9. Purity (Specification)
10. Specific gravity
11. Pictograms complying with GHS
12. Signal Words complying with GHS
13. Hazard Statements and Precautionary Statements complying with GHS
14. Hazard Statements complying with OSHA
15. Grade
16. Description complying with Japanese regulations
17. Description complying with Japanese regulations
18. Description complying with Japanese regulations
19. EC Number


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