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CAS RN: 112078-08-7 | Product Number: T3061

1,6,7,12-Tetrakis(4-tert-butylphenoxy)-N,N'-bis(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)-3,4,9,10-perylenetetracarboxylic Diimide

Purity: >98.0%(HPLC)(N)
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Product Number T3061
Purity / Analysis Method >98.0%(HPLC)(N)
Molecular Formula / Molecular Weight C__8__8H__9__0N__2O__8 = 1303.69  
Physical State (20 deg.C) Solid
Condition to Avoid Light Sensitive
CAS RN 112078-08-7
Reaxys Registry Number 19511823
PubChem Substance ID 253661528
MDL Number


Appearance Orange to Brown to Dark red powder to crystal
Purity(HPLC) min. 98.0 area%
Purity(with Total Nitrogen) min. 98.0 %
Lambda max. 573.0 to 578.0 nm(THF)
Molar extinction coefficient min. 49000(THF, 573.0 to 578.0nm)
Properties (reference)
Maximum Absorption Wavelength 575(THF) nm
Related Laws:
Transport Information:
HS Number 2925199590
Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) Material

Increased light harvesting in dye-sensitized solar cells with energy relay dyes

B. E. Hardin, E. T. Hoke, P. B. Armstrong, J.-H. Yum, P. Comte, T. Torres, J. M. J. Fréchet, M. K. Nazeeruddin, M. Grätzel, M. D. McGehee, Nature Photonics 2009, 3, 406.

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