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Tiny Molecule with Strong Fluorescence: BMeS-p-A

BMeS-p-A is a novel synthetic dye. Due to its unique and symmetrical molecular design, BMeS-p-A shows green fluorescence despite its small molecular size (Table 1). BMeS-p-A shows large Stokes shifts up to 140 nm due to a large conformation change in the excited-state.
The absorption and fluorescence properties of BMeS-p-A are independent of pH, solvents, or concentration (Figure 1,2). BMeS-p-A additionally shows high photo-stability. The unique and robust qualities of BMeS-p-A could be expected to be applied to a variety of applications.


B5419 green fluorescence

• Single benzene molecule with green fluorescence
• High fluorescence quantum yield, solid-state emission
• Large Stokes shift
• Soluble in water or organic solvents
• Solvent- and pH-independent optical properties
• High photostability

Optical Properties

Optical properties of BMeS-p-A

Absorption and fluorescence spectra of BMeS-p-A in various solvents

Absorption and fluorescence spectra of BMeS-p-A under various pH conditions

This material was produced by collaboration with Prof. Hiroshi Katagiri at Yamagata University.