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Fluorescent Agonist to Strigolactone Receptor

Infection of harvests by Striga, a parasitic plant, leads to serious loss of production of crops in Africa. YLG [E1238] is a fluorescent agonist of the strigolactone receptor, which plays an important role in targeting the host plant by Striga. YLG is a fluorescent agonist to the receptor.

Detection mechanism of strigolactone receptor by using YLG

Yoshimlactone Green(YLG)


Suitable for in vitro assay & imaging

【Detection conditions】 Working concentration: 1μM YLG
Reaction buffer: 100mM HEPES, 150mM NaCl, pH 7.0
Fluorescence detection: Ex.=480 nm, Em.=520 nm

Fluorescent Image of Striga


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