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About TCI Organic Laboratory Reagents

TCI is committed to meeting your expectations by providing the highest quality, most reliable organic reagents in the fields of Synthetic Chemistry, Life Science, Materials Science, Analytical Science, and more. Our specialty organic and inorganic chemicals are recognized as best-in-class by top research labs, universities and manufacturers. We strive to have the highest product availability on the market and with strategically placed warehouses, count on TCI having the research chemicals in-stock and ready to ship when you need them.


TCI manufacture market leading synthetic reagents for transformations such as coupling, carbon to carbon bond formation, building blocks, protection chemistry and catalysis. Offering a broad range of synthetic reagents, you can rely on TCI for all of your synthetic reagent needs.

Materials Science

Advances in material science has led to the creation of new and innovative products found in virtually every aspect of today's high-tech world. Global manufactures rely on TCI's high purity reagents to make personal devices faster, materials lighter and stronger, energy cleaner while advancing research to new levels.

Life Science

The life science field demands skilled scientists, modern equipment and high purity reagents that produce repeatability. Employing advanced synthesis, refinement, and analysis techniques, TCI offers numerous, world-class life science reagents including chromogenic enzyme substrates, biochemical substances, antioxidants, and more.


The use of versatile intermediates is important for oligosaccharide syntheses as is the choice for suitable protective and de-protective groups that can hold up against a variety of reaction conditions. To ensure the desired reaction is reached, TCI offers a variety of reagents and enzymes for your research.

Analytical Chemistry

Keeping your analytical chemistry error free originates with TCI’s high purity reagents. Without the right reagents- time and money vanish. Using TCI’s analytical reagents, measured results become more reliable and robust. Maximize the desired signal and minimize noise with TCI’s end-to-end, high quality analytical reagents.

Chemicals by Class

Chemicals by Class

Click for a list of TCI reagents according to their basic structure such as 3,4,5-Membered Cyclic Compounds,6-Membered Heterocyclic Compounds, 6-Membered Carbocyclic Compounds, Compounds by Functional Group Classes, Compounds by Element Classes, and more.

TCI Research and Product Archives

See archived information from various TCI research articles and product highlights.

Packaging and Containers

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