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New Hole Trnsport Material for Highly Stable Perovskite Solar Cells

Power conversion efficiency of perovskite solar cells has drastically developed and reached over 25%, since its first observation by Miyasaka et al. in 2009. Leading research institutes and industries that promote solar cell research try to upscaling and modularization of practical perovskite solar cell. However, currently many challenges still remain in commercializing perovskite solar cells, especially the stability and cost of the hole transport layer as the bottlenecks. TCI has developed new materials TOP-HTM-α1 [B5672] and TOP-HTM-α2 [T3722] as an alternative to the widely used hole transport material, Spiro-OMeTAD. TOP-HTM-α1 and TOP-HTM-α2 are useful for stable perovskite solar cells without dopants or additives unlike Spiro-OMeTAD, and are available at a reasonable price.




• Realize a highly stable perovskite solar cell with low cost
• Work without dopants nor additives


Perovskite solar cells based on new HTMs realized superior device stability
than that based on doped Spiro-OMeTAD both under dark condition and under 1 sun illumination.

Storage under Dark Condition

Storage under Dark Condition

Maximum Power Point Tracking under 1 Sun Illumination

Maximum Power Point Tracking
under 1 Sun Illumination

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  • H. Nishimura, I. Okada, T. Tanabe, A. Wakamiya, Pending Patent Application PCT/JP2019/030162.

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