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Materials Science

TCI synthesizes chemical compounds related to material science with quality adjusted usage


We will further improve the quality of our reagent products by refining and provide them.


Sublimation and purification of Quinacridone

Purification of Reagent Products

TCI is able to provide unmatched high purity compounds of our reagent products using our unique purification method.

Managing Compounds of Various Structures with Flexibility

Experienced researchers consider, trial, and scale-up for the best synthetic route possible.
Having manufactured over 29,000 compounds of various structures, TCI relies on our decades of experience for reagent synthesis.

Metal Reduction

TCI strives to manufacture fine chemicals with ultralow residual metal contents from ppm to ppb

Moisture Reduction Technology

Necessary for battery material development, TCI is able to reduce moisture for ppm level.

A performance Evaluation of Organic Transistors


“The purity of materials" is an important factor strongly influencing the performance of organic electronic devices. However, it is difficult to analytically (HPLC, GC, etc.) determine the ultra-high level purity required for the device function. TCI has already started in-house fabrication and evaluation of the organic transistors using our ultra-high quality products. We constantly seek to improve our technology and skill in order to provide high-purity and quality materials to customers.


Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Materials


- High Quality Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Materials (Emitter Layer Materials, Doping Materials)
- Hole Transport Materials
- Electron Transport Materials
- Organic Semiconductor Synthesis Intermediates

Examples of Compounds: Iridium Complex, Carbazoles, and TADF Materials

Display Materials

- Pigments
- Plastic Film Materials
- Liquid Crystal Materials


・Chelating Reagent

Solar Cell Materials

- Perovskite Solar Cells Materials
- Organic Photovoltaic Materials
- CIGS Solar Cells Materials
- Silane Compounds

Secondary Battery

- Solvents for Battery
- Additives for Battery
- Lithium Electrolyte
- Other Fast Ion Conductors
- Ionic Liquid

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