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Reagents for Perovskite Solar Cells: Highly Pure Lead(II) Halides

Recently, intensive research on the perovskite solar cell was developed to provide 20% power conversion efficiency (PCE) that is comparable with PCE of the CIGS solar cell.1) The perovskite solar cell is solution-processible for manufacturing at low cost. Normally, use of pure materials can provide a high PCE with reproducibility.  
Lead(II) halides (14) are highly pure materials manufactured by our purification technology. For instance, lead(II) iodide (1) has extremely low water content and we can assure 99.99% purity on a trace metal basis. 1 is soluble in DMF and other organic solvents to give very clear solutions, thus it is excellent for solution-processible device fabrications (eg. one-step solution, two-step solution, etc).2,3) A mixing of lead(II) bromide (2) and other halogenated materials in a one-step solution process can provide solar cell devices with various absorption wavelengths. In addition, a lead(II) bromide-based perovskite fabricated a light-emitting diode.4) We also provide lead(II) chloride (3) for solar cell use as well as the other lead(II) chloride (4) having a sublimed grade. Lead(II) chloride is useful for vapor deposition with methylammonium iodide (MAI) for fabricating a solar cell device, and for one-solution processible devices by mixing with MAI (1:3 ratio).5)


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