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CO2-selective Absorption Using m-Xylylenediamine

Inagaki and Mukai et al. have reported the CO2-selective capturing function of m-xylylenediamine (MXDA) from the air. According to their report, by putting MXDA on a petri dish and stored in the air, CO2 in air is smoothly captured as a MXDA・CO2 adduct (1) by reacting with an amino group of MXDA. The adduct 1 keeps capturing CO2 without undergoing a moisture mediated hydrolysis because 1 has the hydrophobic phenyl group effectively preventing hydration. On the other hand, 1 generates dry CO2 by heating and the formed CO2 is directly applied to Grignard reactions since it is without moisture. In the technique of CO2 capture and storage (= CCS), CCS generally absorbs CO2 with water contamination, requiring higher heating conditions to generate CO2 gas. Therefore, this technology is expected to be used for performing non-moisture capturing CCS.