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TCI Life Science News

June 2022

At TCI, we support discovery in life sciences through our knowledge and expertise in organic small molecules. This issue covers our life science topics as follows.


Lipid Droplet Fluorescent Staining Dye

Lipid Droplet Fluorescent Staining Dye

PC6S [P2891] is a small compound that emits strong fluorescence in lipid droplets. PC6S can dye clearly not only cellular lipid droplets but also tissue lipid droplets. Because PC6S has excellent selectivity, it can be used in combination with multiple fluorescent dyes. PC6S emits green fluorescence (λex, max= 468 nm, λem, max= 535 nm, in dibutyl ether). TCI offers the DMSO solution of PC6S. Bioconjugation Reagents

Bioconjugation Reagents

Bioconjugation is the formation of complexes by chemically bonding functional molecules to biomolecules such as DNA, RNA, proteins, lipids and sugars under mild conditions. The bioconjugated complexes are used to develop new methods, for example in drug discovery, ligand binding assays, disease diagnosis, and high-throughput screening. There have been many recent reports of the chemical modification of biomolecules with non-natural bioorthogonal functional groups such as azide. Antiviral Reagent Causing Mutations during Viral Replication by RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase

Antiviral Reagent Causing Mutations during Viral Replication by RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase

RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) is an essential enzyme for replication processes of RNA viruses such as SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. Therefore, RdRp is one of the important targets for antiviral activity research. N4-Hydroxycytidine [H1803] is an antiviral targeting RNA replication by RdRp. N4-Hydroxycytidine is transformed into its active form, N4-hydroxycytidine triphosphate, in host cells, resulting in viral error catastrophe and inhibiting viral replication by incorporation into the viral genome. Thiol Quantification Kit

Thiol Quantification Kit

Thiol quantification kit [T3981] enables highly sensitive detection of thiol groups. Using Ellman's reagent instead of antibodies allows for measurement irrespective of species-of-origin. Two vials of both Ellman's reagent and thiol standard are included to allow for a total of two reactions from one kit. The reaction products are soluble and have an absorption maximum wavelength at 412 nm. This kit enables accurate quantification of thiol groups in a concentration range of 10 - 1000 µM. » TCI eNewsletter Back Issues

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