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Biotins & Streptavidins

 The avidin-biotin system is widely used for bioanalysis and bioassays including flow cytometry, ELISA, immunohistochemical staining, western blotting and others.
 Biotin labeling (biotinylation) is also commonly used for conjugating proteins, especially antibodies, and other various molecules. Biotinylation is one of the most essential methods in the field of immunoassay where antigens are detected using antibodies.
 Streptavidin is a protein from the avidin family having extraordinarily high affinity for biotin, in fact, the interaction of biotin with streptavidin is among the strongest non-covalent affinities known in nature. In order to detect the biotinylated substance, modification of streptavidin with fluorescent label or enzyme is required.
 The biotinylated substance and the labeled-streptavidin are used in various assays based on the avidin-biotin system.
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제품번호 F1042
CAS RN 146987-10-2
순도/분석 방법 >95.0%(T)(HPLC)

제품번호 B6096
CAS RN 89889-52-1
순도/분석 방법

제품번호 S0491
CAS RN 35013-72-0
순도/분석 방법 >97.0%(HPLC)(N)

제품번호 S0490
CAS RN 72040-63-2
순도/분석 방법 >97.0%(HPLC)

제품번호 B6097
CAS RN 596820-83-6
순도/분석 방법

제품번호 S0955
CAS RN 596820-83-6
순도/분석 방법

제품번호 T3531
순도/분석 방법

제품번호 S0966
순도/분석 방법

제품번호 B5578
CAS RN 756525-97-0
순도/분석 방법 >94.0%(HPLC)

제품번호 B5546
CAS RN 1309649-57-7
순도/분석 방법 >96.0%(HPLC)

제품번호 B5563
CAS RN 1808990-66-0
순도/분석 방법 >96.0%(HPLC)

제품번호 B5577
순도/분석 방법 >92.0%(HPLC)

제품번호:   F1042 | 순도/분석 방법   >95.0%(T)(HPLC)

제품번호:   B6096 | 순도/분석 방법  

제품번호:   S0491 | 순도/분석 방법   >97.0%(HPLC)(N)

제품번호:   S0490 | 순도/분석 방법   >97.0%(HPLC)

제품번호:   B6097 | 순도/분석 방법  

제품번호:   T3531 | 순도/분석 방법  

제품번호:   S0966 | 순도/분석 방법  

제품번호:   B5578 | 순도/분석 방법   >94.0%(HPLC)

제품번호:   B5546 | 순도/분석 방법   >96.0%(HPLC)

제품번호:   B5563 | 순도/분석 방법   >96.0%(HPLC)

제품번호:   B5577 | 순도/분석 방법   >92.0%(HPLC)

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