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Functionality Creating Reagents

 For bioconjugation, functional groups are used to join two or more molecules via covalent bond. Functionallity Creating Reagents are used for the introduction of new active groups to target molecules or linkers. Despite diversity of the various molecules, four major chemical targets on the target molecules account for a majority of bioconjugation techniques – Primary Amines (-NH2) that could be cross-linked using NHS (N-hydroxysuccinimide) and water-soluble Sulfo-NHS; Carboxyls (-COOH) that could be cross-linked to amino groups using peptide bonds; Thiols/Sulfhydrils (-SH) that could be joined together via disulfide bonds (-S-S-); and Carbonyls (-CHO) usually created by oxidizing carbohydrate groups in the molecules including carbohydrates (such as glycoproteins) and cross-linkable with amine or hydrazide containing molecules.
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제품번호 H1304
CAS RN 106627-54-7
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(T)(HPLC)

제품번호 S0859
CAS RN 84271-78-3
순도/분석 방법 >95.0%(GC)

제품번호 B0249
CAS RN 6066-82-6
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)(T)

제품번호 S0431
CAS RN 76931-93-6
순도/분석 방법 >94.0%(GC)

제품번호 S0107
CAS RN 108-30-5
순도/분석 방법 >95.0%(T)

제품번호 A2144
CAS RN 1195-16-0
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)(N)

제품번호 H0623
CAS RN 6066-82-6
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(T)

제품번호 M3219
CAS RN 69907-67-1
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 M3218
CAS RN 64987-82-2
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 M0058
CAS RN 60-24-2
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(GC)

제품번호 C0875
CAS RN 56-17-7
순도/분석 방법 >97.0%(N)

제품번호 D1071
CAS RN 3483-12-3
순도/분석 방법 >98.0%(T)

제품번호:   H1304 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(T)(HPLC)

제품번호:   S0859 | 순도/분석 방법   >95.0%(GC)

제품번호:   B0249 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)(T)

제품번호:   S0107 | 순도/분석 방법   >95.0%(T)

제품번호:   A2144 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)(N)

제품번호:   H0623 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(T)

제품번호:   M3218 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   M0058 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(GC)

제품번호:   C0875 | 순도/분석 방법   >97.0%(N)

제품번호:   D1071 | 순도/분석 방법   >98.0%(T)

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