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TCI Materials Science News January 2022
TCI is at the forefront of offering high quality materials for R&D. In this issue, we focus on the usefulness of our high purity and low water content sulfolane-type electrolyte solvent: MESL, highlight a surface treatment agent for high quality Sn-Pb perovskite thin films, discuss highly sublimation-purified acridine, anthracene, phenanthrene, and feature our latest TCIMAIL edition. We also provide an extensive catalog of organic and inorganic reagents that are valuable tools in the field of materials science.
High Purity and Low Water Content Sulfolane-type Electrolyte Solvent: MESL

High Purity and Low Water Content Sulfolane-type Electrolyte Solvent: MESL

MESL [M3380] is a cyclic aliphatic sulfone with excellent chemical and physical properties and thermal stability. Good electrochemical properties of MESL have been reported for an electrolyte solvent as well as sulfolane and 3-methylsulfolane. For example, MESL enables preparation of 1 mol/L LiTFSI solution. TCI guarantees MESL will meet our specification of purity (>99.0%) and the water content (<1000ppm).
Surface Treatment Agent for High Quality Sn-Pb Perovskite Thin Films

Surface Treatment Agent for High Quality Sn-Pb Perovskite Thin Films

Maltol [M0673], known as a flavor enhancer, has a bidentate chelating site. Because of the noteworthy metal chelating ability of maltol, a fabrication method of high-quality Sn-Pb perovskite thin films by surface treatment with maltol solution was reported. Sn-Pb perovskite has attracted attention as a promising material for solar cells with the near-infrared band gap, however the defects caused by oxidation of Sn(II) degrade performance. On the other hand, maltol forms a stable complex with Sn(II), which suppresses oxidation of Sn(II) and reduces the density of defects at the perovskite film surface.
Highly Sublimation-Purified Acridine, Anthracene, Phenanthrene

Highly Sublimation-Purified Acridine, Anthracene, Phenanthrene

TCI offers acridine [A3436], anthracene [A3437] and phenanthrene [P2877] which are colorless crystalline powders with impurities thoroughly removed by sublimation purification. These products are guaranteed high purity (>99.0%) and are suitable as both raw materials for material synthesis and analytical reagents.

TCI Chemistry Research: TCIMAIL 188

Released in November 2021, TCI's latest issue features Prof. Nagatoshi Nishiwaki’s chemistry chat. We also feature research on:

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