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Solution-Processable and/or Vacuum-Evaporable High-Performance n-Type Organic Semiconductors

 Benzobisthiadiazole derivatives TU-1 (1) and TU-3 (2) are n-type organic semiconducting materials that possess excellent electron transport properties (Figure 1). 1 and 2 can be used for vacuum-evaporated and/or solution-processed organic field effect transistor devices (OFETs). They allow the fabrication of high-performance complementary circuits by combination with p-type organic semiconductors.1-3) The characteristics of a 1-based device fabricated by vacuum evaporation and a 2-based device fabricated by spin coating are shown in Figures 2a and 2b, respectively. Both devices exhibit electron carrier mobilities of up to 1 cm2/Vs.

Figure 1. (a) Chemical structures of 1 and 2

Figure 2. Transfer curves for (a) 1- and (b) 2-based OFETs (measured at TCI)


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