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CAS RN: 135-48-8 | Product Number: P2524

Pentacene (99.999%, trace metals basis) (purified by sublimation) [for organic electronics]

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This product is a substitute of Pentacene (purified by sublimation) (Product Number:P0030).
For more information, please refer to the FET evaluation page, the tab [application] below, or a leaflet.

We have demonstrated the fabrication and evaluation of OFET devices by using "Pentacene" (Product Number:P2524) sublimed grade. The device showed good performance with a hole carrier mobility of "μFET: >0.35 cm2/Vs (bare Si/SiO2 substrate)".
<< Device configuration and evaluation method >>
· Device configuration: top-contact type
  [Sin++ / SiO2 (200 nm) / P2524 (60 nm) / Au (60 nm)]
· Substrate treatment (Self-Assembled Monolayer): none
· Device fabrication: vacuum vapor deposition method
  (Channel L = 50 μm , W = 1.5 mm)
· Evaluation condition: nitrogen atmosphere
· Mobility(μFET): calculated from the transfer curves in the saturation regime using the following equation
  ID = (WCi /2L)μFET(VG - VTh)2

The difference between P2524 and P0030 is the following.
Product Number P2524 (This product): Pentacene (99.999%, trace metals basis) (purified by sublimation)

Total Metals Impurities: max. 10.0 ppm

Electron Mobility(μFET): min. 0.35 cm2/Vs (bare Si/SiO2 substrate)

Product Number P0030 : Pentacene (purified by sublimation)

TOF-MS: to pass test

Product Number P2524
Molecular Formula / Molecular Weight C__2__2H__1__4 = 278.35  
Physical State (20 deg.C) Solid
Store Under Inert Gas Store under inert gas
Condition to Avoid Light Sensitive,Air Sensitive
CAS RN 135-48-8
Reaxys Registry Number 1912418
PubChem Substance ID 354334289
SDBS (AIST Spectral DB) 11257
Merck Index (14) 7107
MDL Number


Appearance Gray to Dark purple to Black powder to crystal
Total Metals Impurities max. 10.0 ppm
Hole Mobility(mu FET) min. 0.35 cm2/Vs(bare Si/SiO2 substrate)
Properties (reference)
Maximum Absorption Wavelength 577(Toluene) nm
Solubility in water Insoluble
HOMO Level -4.9 eV
Related Laws:
Transport Information:
H.S.code* 2902.90-000
*This code is applied to the products when TCI exports from Japan and not for import in your country.
Organic Field-Effect Transistor (OFET)

The FET performance was significantly improved by Self-Assembled Monolayer (n-Octyltrichlorosilane (OTS)[O0168]); the OTS-treated device demonstrated the highest performance with a hole carrier mobility of 1.52 cm2/Vs and an on/off ratio of 1.5 ×107 (Figure 1).

In the bare device (without SAM), two weak peaks assignable to face-on orientation were observed (Figure 3b, black arrow), which would create the disadvantage of carrier passes parallel to the substrate (Figure 4a). On the other hand, such peaks were not observed in the pentacene film on the OTS-treated substrate (Figure 3b). It is one reason why the mobility was higher in the OTS-treated OFET device.

A part of X-ray diffraction (XRD: Smart Lab) was conducted at Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform of the University of Tokyo, supported by "Nanotechnology Platform" of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Japan.

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