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About Your Order

About Your Order

1. I want to purchase a reagent. How can I place an order?
To order a reagent, please contact your local TCI office or distributor. They can provide information about delivery, and also details of our terms and condition.
2. If I need a reagent in a hurry, could you send it to us directly?
Usually, we make deliveries through our own TCI offices or our distributor network. In urgent cases, it may be possible for us to dispatch a product directly to a customer. Please talk to your local office or distributor before placing an order.
3. Can we obtain unstable reagents, such as diazomethane?
TCI does not handle unstable reagents [such as diazomethane], which decompose before reaching the customer. However, we supply the precursors for making many such reagents. For more details, please see Reagent Precursors.
4. Is it possible to return products?
Because chemicals have various properties, our quality control policy generally forbids product returns. Please place your orders carefully.

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