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Cyanine-based Near-infrared Fluorochromes

Cyanine dyes are useful for silver photography, and optical recording media by laser sensitivity.1) There are cyanine dyes exhibiting near infrared absorption,2) for instance, indocyanine green (ICG) is a cyanine dye with maximum absorption around 800 nm and is used as a diagnostic agent. In addition, various derivatives of ICG are being investigated as low toxicity, minimal invasive, and bio-imaging dyes.

Alternatively, O0574 is a compound containing a carboxy group on the polymethine moiety of ICG. It can be expected to be used as a material with characteristics that are close to but different from ICG, such as solubility and specific reactivity with biomolecules.
We offer O0574 at a lower price than ICG. We have 1 g and 5 g packages, and will be happy to discuss bulk synthesis requests.

Indocyanine Green (ICG) and O0574

We also offer C3693, a cyanine dye whose maximum absorption wavelength and maximum fluorescence wavelength are reported at 748 and 779 nm, respectively.3,4)


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Fluorescence Spectra

Fluorescence Spectra of ICG

Fluorescence Spectra of O0574

Fluorescence Spectra of C3693

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For labeling Amino Groups5,6)

Labeling for Amino Groups

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