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pH Measurement Reagants

The arrangement is in the order of the ranges in color change.

The color notation is abbreviated as follows;

B=Blue, Br=Brown, C=Colorless, G=Green, Gy=Gray,
O=Orange, P=Pink, R=Red, V=Violet, Y=Yellow, s=slightly
 Product No.Product NameRanges of color change
 G0177Methyl Violet(Y)0.1-3.2(V)
 B0781Benzopurpurine 4B(B)1.0-4.0(R)
 M0490Acid Yellow 36(R)1.2-2.3(Y)
*M0074m-Cresol Purple(R)1.2-2.8(Y)
 S0045m-Cresol Purple Sodium Salt(R)1.2-2.8(Y)
*X0016p-Xylenol Blue(R)1.2-2.8(Y)
*T0235Thymol Blue(R)1.2-2.8(Y)
 S0049Thymol Blue Sodium Salt(R)1.2-2.8(Y)
 A0576Aniline Yellow(R)1.2-3.0(Y)
 P0631Pentamethoxy Red(RV)1.2-3.8(C)
 B0425Benzyl Orange(R)1.9-3.3(Y)
 D08422,6-Dinitrophenol (wetted with ca. 20% Water)(sY)2.4-4.0(Y)
 D01092,4-Dinitrophenol (wetted with ca. 20% Water)(sY)2.6-4.0(Y)
*D0231Methyl Yellow(R)2.9-4.0(Y)
 T0039Tetrabromophenol Blue(YG)3.0-4.6(B)
*B0574Bromochlorophenol Blue(Y)3.0-4.6(V)
*B0631Bromophenol Blue(Y)3.0-4.6(BV)
 S0043Bromophenol Blue Sodium Salt(Y)3.0-4.6(BV)
*C0550Congo Red(V)3.0-5.0(RO)
*M0489Methyl Orange(R)3.1-4.4(OY)
 E0155Ethyl Orange(R)3.4-4.8(Y)
 E00544-Ethoxychrysoidine Hydrochloride(R)3.5-5.5(Y)
*B0578Bromocresol Green(Y)3.8-5.4(B)
 S0041Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt(Y)3.8-5.4(B)
 D08412,5-Dinitrophenol (wetted with ca. 20% Water)(sY)4.0-5.8(Y)
*M0421Methyl Red(R)4.2-6.2(Y)
 M0424Methyl Red Sodium Salt(R)4.2-6.2(Y)
*C0245Chlorophenol Red(Y)5.0-6.6(R)
 C0247Chlorophenol Red Sodium Salt(Y)5.0-6.6(R)
 N02234-Nitrophenol Sodium Salt Dihydrate(sY)5.0-7.6(Y)
*B0580Bromocresol Purple(Y)5.2-6.8(V)
 S0042Bromocresol Purple Sodium Salt(Y)5.2-6.8(V)
 B0632Bromophenol Red(Y)5.2-6.8(R)
*B0657Bromothymol Blue(Y)6.0-7.6(B)
 S0044Bromothymol Blue Sodium Salt(Y)6.0-7.6(B)
 B0998Bromoxylenol Blue(Y)6.0-7.6(B)
*N0315Neutral Red(R)6.8-8.0(Y)
 A0598Pararosolic Acid(O)6.8-8.0(VR)
*P0100Phenol Red(Y)6.8-8.4(R)
 P0102Phenol Red Sodium Salt(Y)6.8-8.4(R)
 N02222-Nitrophenol Sodium Salt(sY)6.8-8.6(Y)
*C0406Cresol Red(Y)7.2-8.8(R)
 S0046Cresol Red Sodium Salt(Y)7.2-8.8(R)
*M0074m-Cresol Purple(Y)7.4-9.0(V)
 S0045m-Cresol Purple Sodium Salt(Y)7.4-9.0(V)
 B0817Ethyl Bis(2,4-dinitrophenyl)acetate(C)7.5-9.1(B)
*T0235Thymol Blue(Y)8.0-9.6(B)
 S0049Thymol Blue Sodium Salt(Y)8.0-9.6(B)
*X0016p-Xylenol Blue(Y)8.0-9.6(VB)
*A0579Mordant Orange 1(YO)10.0-12.0(OR)
*A0578Alizarin Yellow GG(Y)10.0-12.0(BrY)
 R0010Tropaeolin O(Y)11.0-12.8(R)
 T04961,3,5-Trinitrobenzene (wetted with ca. 40% Water)(C)11.5-14.0(O)
*I0214Indigo Carmine(B)11.6-14.0(Y)

  * We have the products available for ready-to-use for the pH determination or as titration indicators.

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Product Number B0115
CAS RN 115-40-2
Purity / Analysis Method:

Product Number M0056
CAS RN 493-52-7
Purity / Analysis Method:

Product Number N0161
CAS RN 100-02-7
Purity / Analysis Method:

Product Number B0579
CAS RN 76-60-8
Purity / Analysis Method:

Product Number B0658
CAS RN 76-59-5
Purity / Analysis Method:

Product Number C0407
CAS RN 62625-29-0
Purity / Analysis Method:

Product Number C0246
CAS RN 4430-20-0
Purity / Analysis Method:

Product Number P0101
CAS RN 143-74-8
Purity / Analysis Method: