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Ion Association Reagents

 Among organic analytical reagents while chelating reagents are effective only for metallic ions (cations), Ion Association reagents which we introduce here form an ion-pair (ion association) through its interaction of negatively charged association reagents toward cations and those of positively charged association reagents toward anions, respectively.
 This ion association, when the concentration rate is considerably high in the aqueous solution, precipitates allowing for use in a weight analysis and precipitation titration. On the other hand, when the concentration rate is low (<10-5M), the ion association is extracted by an organic solvent allowing the determination of trace components by measuring through absorption spectrochemical analysis or atomic spectrophotometry analysis. Accordingly, its application extends over considerably wide ranges.
 TCI-Ace Ion Association reagents have strictly been selected capable of coping with cases where highly sensitive analysis is required.
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Product Number A5105
CAS RN 61-73-4
Purity / Analysis Method: >98.0%(T)

Product Number A5101
CAS RN 65121-93-9
Purity / Analysis Method: >98.0%(T)

Product Number A5133
CAS RN 40835-96-9
Purity / Analysis Method: >98.0%(T)

Product Number A5100
CAS RN 2437-29-8
Purity / Analysis Method: >95.0%(T)

Product Number:   A5133 | Purity / Analysis Method:   >98.0%(T)

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