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p53 Inhibitors

p53 (Also known as Trp53 in mice, TP53 in humans) is a tumor suppressor protein that is frequently inactivated in tumors.1) It has been revealed that inhibition of p53 can improve the reprogramming efficiency of human and mouse somatic cells.2-7) The protein has been focused on in the research field.8)
Pifithrins are inhibitors of p53. Pifithrin-α is a transcriptional inhibitor of p53 and rapidly converts to the condensation form, cyclic-pifithrin-α (1, also called pifithrin-β).9). Pifithrin-μ (2) was initially identified as a small-molecule inhibitor of the binding of p53 to mitochondria by reducing its affinity to antiapoptic proteins Bcl-xL and Bcl-2.10).


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