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Product Brochure – Ion-Pair Reagents for HPLC

Recently, reversed phase partition chromatography using ion-pair reagents has been developed and utilized. The ionic samples form an ion-pair with ion-pair reagents in the mobile phase to become electrically neutral. The increase in hydrophobic character of the ion-pair results in a greater affinity for the reverse stationary phase and leads to sample resolution. TCI provides wide variety of ion-pair reagents. These qualities are placed strict control, then we believe they will satisfy you.
Here are the typical product groups;

HPLC Ion-Pair Reagents for Acidic Samples
LC/MS Ion-Pair Reagents for Acidic Samples
HPLC Ion-Pair Reagents for Basic Samples
LC/MS Ion-Pair Reagents for Basic Samples
Fluorimetric Ion-Pair Reagent for HPLC

Chromatography -Latest Application of TCI HPLC Columns

Analysis of L-Ascorbic acid related compounds by TCI Dual series

L-Ascorbic acid related compounds having high hydrophilicity can be analyzed without ion-pair reagents. It can also applied to LC/MS, because these compounds are analyzed with using volatile buffer.

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Research Article

An Epoxidation of Alkenes using H2O2 (aq.) and 2,2,2-Trifluoroacetophenone

Limnios and Kokotos have reported the environmentally friendly epoxidation of alkenes using 2,2,2-trifluoroacetophenone as an organocatalyst in combination with a green oxidant aqueous H2O2. Various olefins are epoxidized chemoselectively in high to quantitative yields utilizing 2-5 mol% of the organocatalyst loading in acetonitrile and tert-butyl alcohol.


D. Limnios, C. G. Kokotos, J. Org. Chem. 2014, 79, 4270.

New Products


Product Highlight

An Inhibitor against NF-κB, a Significant Transcription Factor in the Immune System

NF-κB (nuclear factor kappa B) is an intracellular protein complex that controls gene transcription, which was identified by D. Baltimore et al. in 1986.1) NF-κB is usually sequestered in the cytoplasm by forming an inactivated complex with IκB (Inhibitor κB). IKK (IκB kinase) activated by extracellular signals phosphorylates IκBα, and then the proteasome degrades phosphorylated IκBα. Then NF-κB can translocate into the nucleus and induce the expression of genes encoding molecules related to inflammatory immune response, apoptosis-suppressing molecules, cytostatic molecules, etc.2)
BAY 11-7082 is a small molecule inhibiting the phosphorylation of IκBα by IKK.3) It has been reported to use BAY 11-7082 as a NF-κB inhibitor in research of cancer, inflammation, viral infection and so on.4-7)


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7) C. Higashi, C. Saji, K. Yamada, H. Kagawa, R. Ohga, T. Taira, M. Fujimuro, Biol. Pharm. Bull. 2012, 35, 725.

New Products

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