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[NEW] Pamphlet - Solar Cell Materials

Solar Cell Materials
This brochure supports your measurements as well as device fabrications of solar cells.

• Lists pure perovskite precursors ensuring high PCE with reproducibility
• Lists a wide variety of organic materials for OPV and DSSC

[New Edition] TCIMail Quarterly Magazine – No. 166

TCIMAIL contains technical papers contributed by leading professors and scientists. We also introduce our new reagents in the fields of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Bioscience and Analytical Science. Examples of application and use are explained in an easy to understand way, using various schemes and charts.
Research Article
- Invention of Synthetic Reactions Based on σ-Bond Activation
Tamejiro Hiyama
RDI Professor, Research and Development Initiative, Chuo University

- Nanodiamond
- Useful Copper Reagent for Coupling Reactions
- Ligands for Click Chemistry
- Non-detergent Sulfobetaines
- Cyclitol

Chemistry Chat

Focusing on the Elements - Elements in Pharmaceutical Drugs

Kentaro Sato
If you were asked to list chemical elements in the order of abundance in human body, could you answer it right away? In terms of the number of atoms, the most physiologically abundant element is hydrogen, followed by oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur. Minerals like calcium and other minutely present elements such as iron and copper play essential roles, but they constitute only about 1 percent altogether. Clearly, the sextet of C, H, O, N, S, and P owns an important place in physiology.
Most pharmaceutical drugs that we take are also made up of these six elements. Drug molecules enter human systems and produce medicinal effects, so it is natural that their compositions resemble to that of human body. However, there are always interesting exceptions in which you can find unusual elements. The previous article focused on anticancer drugs, so this time let us look at other drug types featuring metallic elements.

[Related Product Brochure] Pharmaceutical Ingredients for Research and Experimental Use

Pharmaceutical ingredients are the substances that have biologically activities in pharmaceuticals. They are used as the comparative compounds in drug development, inhibitors in molecular biology, and reference materials in analytical science.
Here are the typical product groups;

Antihypertensive Ingredients
Antilipemic Ingredients
Antidiabetic Ingredients
Anti-inflammatory Ingredients
Anti-allergic Ingredients

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Research Article

Iron-Catalyzed ortho-Alkylation of Carboxamides

Cook et al. have reported Fe(acac)3 catalyzed a direct ortho-alkylation of carboxamides. In this report, 8-aminoquinoline-based aryl carboxamide reacts with secondary alkyl halides or benzyl halides to give corresponding ortho-alkylated products in high yield in the presence of 1,2-bis(diphenyl-phosphino)ethane (dppe) and phenylmagnesium bromide as a Grignard reagent. The reactions are complete within 10 min, and can be performed in air with reagent-grade THF.


Product Highlight

Diboronic Acid Usable for the Direct Synthesis of Aromatic Boric Acid Derivatives

Tetrahydroxydiborane (1) is a useful boric acids group-introducing reagent and is used for the synthesis of aromatic boric acid derivatives.1-5) For instance, 1 successfully reacts with aryl chlorides under the conditions of Palladium-XPhos ligands-catalytic systems to afford the desired aryl boric acids. After the borylations, their diesters or trifluoroborates are further obtained by the esterification with some diols or the treatment with KHF2 respectively.1-3) For other catalytic systems to perform this reaction, nickel-catalyzed aryl borylations have been developed.4) Recently, transition-metal-free aryl borylations have been reported. This easy aryl borylation proceeds via the aryl diazonium salt intermediates formed from aromatic amines.5)


New Products


New Products

ODS-Phenyl column for HPLC “Kaseisorb LC ODS-PH Super”

• ODS with Phenyl group bonded to pure silicagel.
• ODS-like retention behavior and additional power to analyze both saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons.
• Excellent separation power for analytes with little difference in chemical structures such as steroids.
Kaseisorb LC ODS-PH Super

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October 14-16, 2015
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October 18-21, 2015
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