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[New Edition] TCIMail Quarterly Magazine – No. 170

Research Articles
Development of Novel P-chiral Phosphorus Ligands for Efficient Transition-Metal Catalyzed Reactions
Guangqing Xu, Assistant Researcher
Wenjun Tang, Professor
State Key Laboratory of Bio-Organic & Natural Products Chemistry,
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences,

Guangqing Xu
Assistant Researcher, Ph.D.
   Wenjun Tang
Professor, Ph.D.

Chemistry Chat
Naming Elements — What Will Be the Name For Element 113?
Kentaro Sato

-The Smallest “Carbon Nanoring”: [5]Cycloparaphenylene ([5]CPP)
-Isomerically Pure Anthradithiophene Derivatives
-A Safe Cyano(nitro)methylation Reagent
-A New Julia-Type Reagent for Methylenation Reactions
-Stearoyl-CoA Desaturase Inhibitor

Reagent Guides 8th Edition

In these Reagent Guides, TCI products have been classified according to research fields, reaction types, applications and basic structures. Please click here to contact TCI local distributors or TCI for a Free Copy!
Synthetic Organic Chemistry & Materials Chemistry

Classification examples:

Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Asymmetric Organocatalysts / Cross-coupling Reaction Using Transition Metal Catalysts / Condensation & Active Esterification

Materials Chemistry
Solar Cell Research Reagents / OLED / Photochromic Compounds
Bioscience & Analytical Science

Classification examples:

Nucleosides / Amino Acids / Sugars / Lipids / Terpenes / Steroids / Antibodies

Analytical Science
GC Derivatizing Reagents / HPLC Labeling Reagents / HPLC Columns / Derivatization Reagents for MS

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Research Article

A Novel Synthesis of Phenyleneethynylenes by Using Ph2P(O)-protected Ethynes

Orita and Otera et al. have developed a new terminal alkyne protecting group, Ph2P(O).1,2) This protecting group can be introduced readily to terminal alkynes by CuI catalyzed phosphination using chlorodiphenylphosphine and the subsequent oxidation with H2O2. The high polarity of the phosphoryl group enables easy separation of the desired products from the lower polar hydrocarbon byproducts. While Ph2P(O)-protected ethynes remain under Sonogashira coupling conditions without a deprotection, when they are treated with t-BuOK, the facile deprotection proceeds to provide the corresponding deprotected ethynes. The resulting ethynes can be transformed to more expanded arylethynes by the Sonogashira coupling with aryl halides. This synthetic approach can be applied to a one-pot synthesis of phenyleneethynylenes by the deprotection followed by coupling reactions such as the Sonogashira, Migita–Kosugi–Stille and intramolecular Eglinton couplings.2)


Product Highlight

A Stable Olefin Metathesis Catalyst

Nitro-Grela is one of Hoveyda-type metathesis catalysts and is effectively used for trans-selective olefin metathesis reactions. This complex has an isopropoxy group on a phenylvinylidene moiety offering coordination to a ruthenium metal while bearing an electron-withdrawing nitro group. From these two structural relations, the complex shows the compatible properties of stabilization of the Ru-O coordination bond and the nitro group-induced increase of a dissociation ability, which resultantly shows a larger substrate scope while maintaining the activity of typical ruthenium vinylidene complexes.1) By using the catalyst, metathesis reactions with a cyano or sulfonyl group-substituted alkenes,2) and nitro alkenes bearing an active methylene moiety3) can be successfully performed. In addition, it shows high applicabilities to macrocycle constructions in natural compound syntheses.4)


New Products


Anti-Glyco Antibodies

Anti-glyco antibodies can recognize glycolipids or glycoproteins. TCI mainly produces antibodies against glycolipids; ganglio series, globo series, lacto series, and neo-lacto series. These antibodies can be used for immunohistochemistry, cell-staining, inhibition assay for cell adhesion, flow cytometry, ELISA, TLC-immunostaining and other methods. TCI antibodies are very useful tools for analyzing the expression of sugar chains and their functions. Please click the following link for more details.

Related Catalog "Reagents for Glyco Chemistry & Biology, 4th Edition"

Total of 700 products including 100 new products and 1H NMR spectral data of 170 products
- Described in detail about newly-marketed anti-glyco antibodies.
- A large number of functional oligosaccharides involved in cancer, inflammation and immunity.
- Oligosaccharides having a linker or functional group, which can be applied to sugar-conjugates.
- Glycosynthase, lectin, and a wide variety of building blocks.

New Products

HPLC Columns “TCI Chiral series”

• A unique stationary phase
Polymaleimide (helical polymer) bearing chiral side groups coated on silica gel.
• Suitable for separation of carbonyl compounds and the others
ex. Ketones, Esters, Carboxylic acids, N-Protected Amino acids, Alcohols etc.
• Available for three types chiral stationary phase (MB-S, BP-S and CH-S)
• High column load capacity
• Superior column longevity [Maximum pressure: 2900 psi (20 MPa)]
• Affordable price
TCI Chiral series
Chiral separation of Levetiracetam by TCI Chiral MB-S

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