We distribute TCI NEWS every four weeks, to our valued customers using research chemicals and chromatography products. We hope that you find this helpful for your research.

12/20/2017 TCI NEWS

We distribute TCI NEWS every four weeks, to our valued customers using research chemicals and chromatography products. We hope that you find this helpful for your research.


 [Featured Product] Tiny Molecule with Strong Fluorescence: BMeS-p-A



BMeS-p-A is a novel synthetic dye. Due to its unique and symmetrical molecular design, it shows green fluorescence despite its small molecular size. Also it shows large Stokes shifts up to 140 nm due to a large conformation change in the excited-state.
The absorption and fluorescence properties are independent of pH, solvents, or concentration. Additionally it shows high photo-stability. The unique and robust qualities of it could be expected to be applied to a variety of applications.

» Tiny Molecule with Strong Fluorescence: BMeS-p-A


 [Brochure] Antibodies and Related Reagents


This brochure contains all antibodies and related reagents including anti-carbohydrate antibodies, secondary antibodies, and detection reagents.


-Anti-glyco antibodies, anti-virus antibodies, anti-tag antibodies, and secondary antibodies are listed.
-Useful detection reagents and several ready-to-use solutions for assay are listed.


» Antibodies and Related Reagents (PDF 3.2 MB)


 [New Edition] TCIMAIL Quarterly Magazine No. 175


TCIMAIL contains technical papers contributed by leading professors and scientists. We also introduce our new reagents in the fields of synthetic organic chemistry, materials chemistry, bioscience and analytical science. Examples of application and use are explained in an easy way, using various schemes and charts.


Research Article
- Silver-Catalyzed CO2 Incorporation Reactions

Tohru Yamada
Professor, Department of Chemistry, Keio Univeristy




 Synthetic Organic Chemistry


[Research Article]
Hydrosilylation of Alkenes by α-Diimine Nickel Catalyst

Chirik et al.  have reported the hydrosilylation of alkenes using 2,3-Bis(2,6-diisopropylphenylimino)butane (1 ) and a nickel catalyst. In this reaction, tertiary alkoxysilanes and silolysilanes can be used for this transformation where the related hydrosilylated  products are given in good yield with high anti-Markovnikov selectivity. In addition, similar transformations using bifunctional terminal alkenes and polymeric tertiary hydrosilanes can readily be crosslinked to afford the desired silicone  polymers. This synthetic approach is expected to be applied to homogeneous hydrosilylation aiming for industrial uses.




I. Pappas, S. Treacy, P. J. Chirik, ACS Catal. 2016, 6, 4105.

» Check for Price and Availability:2,3-Bis(2,6-diisopropylphenylimino)butane (Product Number B5606)


[Product Highlight]
Novel Hole Transport Material Having an Ethylenedioxythiophene Core

H101 having a 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene core is a novel hole transport material (HTM) for perovskite solar cells which have been receiving much attention as new photovoltaics. H101 can be synthesized by a simple pathway, which is an advantage of H101 compared with the spirobifluorene-based spiro-OMeTAD, a conventional HTM. In 2014, it was reported that solar cell devices consisted of a CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite material and a H101 HTM showed a power conversion efficiency (PCE) of 10.6% without any dopant and 13.2% with doping by tris(2-(1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine)cobalt(III) (FK102). The performance was comparable with that of the spiro-OMeTAD based device (13.7%). A stability test under heat treatment at 70 °C for 7 days indicated that the H101 based devices had thermal stability as high as that of the spiro-OMeTAD devices.




H. Li, K. Fu, A. Hagfeldt, M. Gratzel, S. G. Mhaisalkar, A. C. Grimsdale, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2014, 53, 4085.

» Check for Price and Availability: H101 (Product Number D5155)


New Products












 Life Science


New Products




Ethyl Azidoacetate



LD-Heptose Peracetate





 Mixed-Mode columns (ODS + Ion-Exchange) for HPLC
“TCI Dual series”


Analysis of Organic Acids by TCI Dual series



» TCI Dual series
» HPLC Applications Index


 [NEW Edition] Reagents for Glyco Chemistry & Biology



- Total of 900 products including 200 new products
- Categorized and description of products for easy to understand
- Newly-launched N-glycan (synthetic)
- Many oligosaccharides applicable to sugar-conjugation
- 1H NMR spectral data of 250 products

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 Reagent Guides 8th Edition


In these Reagent Guides, TCI products have been classified according to research fields, reaction types, applications and basic structures. Please click here to contact TCI local distributors or TCI for a Free Copy!



Synthetic Organic Chemistry &
Materials Chemistry

Classification examples: 

Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Asymmetric Organocatalysts / Cross-coupling Reaction Using Transition Metal Catalysts / Condensation & Active Esterification

Materials Chemistry
Solar Cell Research Reagents / OLED / Photochromic Compounds


Bioscience & Analytical Science

Classification examples: 

Nucleosides / Amino Acids / Sugars / Lipids / Terpenes / Steroids / Antibodies

Analytical Science
GC Derivatizing Reagents / HPLC Labeling Reagents / HPLC Columns / Derivatization Reagents for MS


TCI has a wide variety of catalogs and product brochures. Most of them are available in PDF format and can be downloaded from our website.

» Other Catalogs & Product Brochures


 TCI Website Tips 


Reagent Guide - Online Version Available on TCI Website


TCI Reagent Guides, product catalogs by category, are very useful as reference for finding reagents. Do you know Reagent Guides are also available as online version on our website?
You click “Products” tab, then you can go around our product information by category easily.

Additionally, benefits of online catalogs include;
-New products that aren't included in the paper version are added every day.
-Product categories that aren’t included in the paper version are available, and new categories are uploaded timely.

Please click the following product categories, and find your chemicals!  



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»  Materials Science


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»  Chromatography Columns


 TCI Conference Report


The ceremony of “TCI Organic Synthesis Award”, December 2017 in Taiwan


The first “TCI Organic Synthesis Award” ceremony was held at the Chinese Chemical Society Located in Taipei (CCS Taipei) annual meeting in Taiwan on December 2. This award is established by TCI together with CCS Taipei and is given to the student in organic synthesis research field who is chosen as the winner in the graduate student thesis competition (includes dissertation and academic study achievements) of the CCS Taipei annual meeting.
TCI will keep on supporting researchers to contribute the development of science. 



Right: Award-winner, Mr. Wei-Lun Huang (National Chung Cheng University)
Left: Presenter, Dr. Yuji Matsuzaki (Executive Corporate Officer, TCI)
Award-winning paper title:
One-Pot Organocatalytic Enantioselective Michael-Acetalization-Reduction-Nef Reaction for the Synthesis of Tetrahydrofuro[2,3-b]benzofurans and the Formal Synthesis of Aflatoxin B2





AP-HOPV 18 (Asia-Pacific Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics Conference)

Kitakyushu International Conference Center, Fukuoka, Japan
Jan 28-30, 2018 (Exhibition: Jan 29-30)
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