We distribute TCI NEWS every four weeks, to our valued customers using research chemicals and chromatography products. We hope that you find this helpful for your research.



02/26/2018 TCI NEWS

We distribute TCI NEWS every four weeks, to our valued customers using research chemicals and chromatography products. We hope that you find this helpful for your research.

 [Recommended Products] Ion Pair Reagents for HPLC



Ion-exchange chromatography systems have previously been utilized in HPLC analysis of ionic samples. Reversed phase partition chromatography using ion-pair reagents has been developed and utilized. The ionic samples form an ion-pair with ion-pair reagents in the mobile phase to become electrically neutral. The increase in hydrophobic character of the ion-pair results in a greater affinity for the reverse stationary phase and leads to sample resolution.

» Ion Pair Reagents for HPLC


 [Brochure] HPLC Columns


Our unique chromatography products, "TCI Chiral" of TCI original chiral separation columns, "TCI Dual" of ODS + Ion-Exchange Mixed-Mode columns and "TCI Pack and Kaseisorb" of high performance ODS columns are listed.


» HPLC Columns (PDF 6.1 MB)


 [New Edition] TCIMAIL Quarterly Magazine – No. 176


TCIMAIL contains technical papers contributed by leading professors and scientists. We also introduce our new reagents in the fields of synthetic organic chemistry, materials chemistry, bioscience and analytical science. Examples of application and use are explained in an easy way, using various schemes and charts.


Research Article
- DABCO-bis(sulfur dioxide), DABSO, as a Source of Sulfur Dioxide in Transition Metal-Catalyzed Reactions

Michael C. Willis
Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, Chemistry Research Laboratory

- Highly Regioselective Organic Semiconducting Polymer: P3HT 
- Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Battery Material with High Current Density: MEEPT 
- Lead Acetate Anhydrous Forming Perovskite under Anhydrous Condition
- Ready-to-use 4-Nitrophenyl Phosphate Solution for ELISA 
- Anti-αGal Polyclonal Antibody that can Detect the αGal Epitope(Galα1-3Gal)
- OCT4 Activator
- AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) Inhibitor 



 Synthetic Organic Chemistry


[Product Highlights]
Stable Isothiocyanating Reagent with Ease of Handling

1,1'-Thiocarbonyldi-2(1H)-pyridone (1) is widely used in organosynthetic reactions for the transformation of a primary amino group into an isothiocyanate group.1,2) Both aliphatic and aromatic primary amines can be treated with 1 , to produce the corresponding isothiocyanates in high yields. The reaction proceeds under neutral condition and formed byproduct can be removed by aqueous treatment only, allowing for easy workup and purification. Typically, thiophosgene is used to convert an amino group to isothiocyanate, but requires careful handling due to high toxicity and propensity to hydrolyze. In comparison, 1 is an easy-to-handle isothiocyanating reagent with low toxicity and high stability from moisture.






[Product Highlights]
Potassium Xanthates: Powerful Palladium Scavengers

Potassium xanthate derivatives have been employed as metal scavengers because of their chelating ability of two sulfur atoms. Maloney et al. have reported a comparison of the metal scavenging ability between generally used scavengers like thioureas and dithiocarbamates, and xanthate salts type scavengers like potassium isopropylxanthate and potassium ethylxanthate. As a result of the evaluation, by using an antibiotic containing residual palladium as a model, it has been shown that potassium xanthates can effectively reduce residual palladium under 1 ppm. Furthermore, it is revealed that iodine-doped potassium xanthates are more effective removing the residual palladium.



» Check for Price and Availability: potassium isopropylxanthate (Product Number I0177)
» Check for Price and Availability: potassium ethylxanthate (Product Number E0194)


New Products












 Life Science


New Products




DOPG Sodium Salt








All products in this enewsletter are for research purpose only.
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 HPLC Columns for chiral separations “TCI Chiral series”


Chiral separation of N-Acetylated Amino Acids by TCI Chiral 



» TCI Chiral series
» HPLC Applications Index


 [NEW Edition] Reagents for Glyco Chemistry & Biology



- Total of 900 products including 200 new products
- Categorized and description of products for easy to understand
- Newly-launched N-glycan (synthetic)
- Many oligosaccharides applicable to sugar-conjugation
- 1H NMR spectral data of 250 products



 Reagent Guides 8th Edition


In these Reagent Guides, TCI products have been classified according to research fields, reaction types, applications and basic structures. Please click here to contact TCI local distributors or TCI for a Free Copy!



Synthetic Organic Chemistry &
Materials Chemistry

Classification examples: 

Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Asymmetric Organocatalysts / Cross-coupling Reaction Using Transition Metal Catalysts / Condensation & Active Esterification

Materials Chemistry
Solar Cell Research Reagents / OLED / Photochromic Compounds


Bioscience & Analytical Science

Classification examples: 

Nucleosides / Amino Acids / Sugars / Lipids / Terpenes / Steroids / Antibodies

Analytical Science
GC Derivatizing Reagents / HPLC Labeling Reagents / HPLC Columns / Derivatization Reagents for MS


TCI has a wide variety of catalogs and product brochures. Most of them are available in PDF format and can be downloaded from our website.

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