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TCI supports discovery in the sciences through expertise in small molecule organic chemistry. We offer an extensive catalog of 28,000 research chemicals suitable for benchtop-to-bulk chemistry with phosphonium salt catalyst, perovskite precursors for solar cellscurcumin analogues, tissue-clearing reagents, and ion pair reagents.
Phosphonium Salt as a Catalyst of Carbon Dioxide Fixation Reaction

Phosphonium Salt as a Catalyst of Carbon Dioxide Fixation Reaction

(2-Carboxyethyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide [C3309] is most commonly applied to Wittig reactions on carbonyl substrates. An additional and green application of the phosphonium salt is in the CO2 fixation of epoxides to furnish cyclic carbonates. C3309 is employed as a green catalyst for CO2 fixation reactions.
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Perovskite Precursors for Solar Cells

Perovskite Precursors for Solar Cells

TCI provides over 80 high-quality perovskite precursors to support research on solar cell devices. Specifically, our Lead (II) Iodide [L0279] and lead (II) Iodide/MAI complex [P2415] are 99.99% pure on a trace metal basis. We are also happy to accommodate your request for bulk quantities, if desired.
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Curcumin Analogues with Enhanced Antitumor Activities

chemotherapeutic potentials against various types of cancers, but low bioavailability prevents its use in chemotherapeutic applications. GO-Y030 [B4823] and GO-Y078 [H1525] are new synthetic analogues of curcumin, developed by Shibata, Iwabuchi et al. to increase its potential and circumvent its low bioavailability. 
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Tissue-Clearing Reagents

Based on the research developed by Dr. Hiroki Ueda, animal tissue-clearing CUBIC reagents enable whole-body clearing, allowing 3-D imaging at cellular resolution. Advantages include low fluorescence quenching and short treatment period. It is suitable for use with light-sheet fluorescent microscopy (LSFM) and confocal laser-scanning microscopy (CLSM).
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Ion Pair Reagents

Ion Pair Reagents

TCI supplies a diverse selection of ion-pair reagents for liquid chromatography. Our products include reagents for basic and acidic samples with minimal UV absorption and fluorescence. We also offer volatile reagents designed for continuous LC/MS.
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Custom Manufacturing

Consider TCI as a synthesis partner for your custom manufacturing needs. We can meet your challenging requirements and deliver the high quality you need, on time and on budget.
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