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TCI is at the forefront of offering high quality materials for R&D. In addition to exclusive products in carbon nanobelt, redox flow battery materials, and semiconductor building blocks with benzoxadiazole core, we also provide an extensive catalog of organic reagents that are suitable for the materials sciences.
(6,6)Carbon Nanobelt Bis(tetrahydrofuran) Adduct

Product Highlight: (6,6) Carbon Nanobelt

Nanobelts have the reputation of being ‘dream molecules’ for their influence in everything from semiconductors to photonics equipment. After 60 years of painstaking synthetic challenges, TCI now offers a (6,6) carbon nanobelt, [I1078]. This product was produced in collaboration with Professor Kenichiro Itami and Designated Associate Professor Yasutomo Segawa at Nagoya University.
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Redox Flow Battery Materials

Redox Flow Battery Materials

Redox flow batteries have long duration cycling by charge/discharge, which may have applications for gridlevel energy storage. TCI offers new materials for redox flow batteries [B5659] and [B5660] that are highly soluble in water, with a reduction potential of -0.358 V for BTMAP-Vi and oxidation potential of +0.390 V for BTMAP-Fc (vs SHE). They also boast of high capacity retention (99.9989%/cycle at 0.75-1.00 M). These products were produced in collaboration with Professor Roy G. Gordon and Professor Michael J. Aziz at Harvard University.
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TCI Product N1105
TCI Product N1137
TCI Product D5496

Organic Semiconductor Building Blocks with Benzothiadiazole / Benzoxadiazole Core

Naphthobisthiadiazole (NTz) and Naphthobisoxadiazole (NOz)structures are useful building blocks for donor-acceptor conjugated polymers because of their strong electron deficient nature. Donor-acceptor conjugated polymers exhibiting beyond 10% PCEs have been reported.
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OLED Dopants

OLED Dopants

Conventional fluorescent material provides only 25% of a singlet exciton, but loses 75% of the triplet by nonradiative deactivation, although it contains a high current density. Alternatively, a phosphorescent material may provide 100% EL quantum efficiency through an intersystem crossing from singlet to triplet excited states. The phosphorescent Ir(ppy)3 and its analogues have been reported so far.
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Organic Solar Cell Materials

Organic Solar Cell Materials

TCI has close to many high-quality material for organic solar cell research and development. TCI compounds used in organic solar cells can be processed in solution at high throughput, resulting in low production costs for high volume manufacturing.
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