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TCI supports discovery in the sciences through expertise in small molecule organic chemistry. We offer an extensive catalog of 28,000 high quality organic reagents suitable for benchtop-to-bulk chemistry. This issue covers our chemistry expertise in powerful condensation organocatalysts, exciting new products like Raptinal (apoptosis inducer), fluorination reagents for fluorinated scaffolds, OFET materials, and more.

Powerful Condensation Organocatalysts

Alternative methods to Le Chatelier's principal uses organocatalysts that produce a variety of esters through processes far less dependent upon the Equilibrium Law. For example, arylboronic acid-DMAPO cooperative catalyst are effective for the amidation reaction of less reactive carboxylic acids, and ammonium triflate catalysts afford esters in high yields from equimolar amounts of carboxylic acids and alcohols under mild reaction conditions.
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New Product: Raptinal

Professor Paul J. Hergenrother identified and prepared Raptinal, a small molecule that induces apoptotic cell death at unparalleled speed via the intrinsic pathway, a process that typically takes hours. Additionally, Raptinal shows tumor growth inhibition in vivo. This impressive and unmatched activity lends Raptinal to many applications in biology, pharmacology, and chemistry.
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Fluorination Reagents for Fluorinated Scaffolds

Fluorination Reagents for Fluorinated Scaffolds

Introduction of fluorine into a certain position of bioactive compounds, such as a pharmaceutical and/or agricultural chemical, may remarkably reduce the toxicity of the compound, or improve the efficiency of medicine. This is due to the mimic and blocking effect characterized by fluorine. TCI offers an extensive lineup of fluorination, difluoromethylation, trifluoromethylation, and trifluoromethylthiolation reagents.
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OFET Materials

OFET Materials

Ph-BTBT-10 [D5491] is our latest ultrahigh performance OFET material. We recently tested it in devices, and found its film achieves mobility up to 14.7 cm2/Vs, and FET mobility (≧10.0 cm2/Vs).
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GC Derivatization Reagents

GC Derivatization Reagents

For GC analysis, the substance to be analyzed must be in the gaseous form. Because of this, the analysis of many organic compounds requires that injections, columns, and detectors are kept at relatively high temperatures. However, many organic compounds are thermally unstable. In such cases, it is necessary to convert the substance to be analyzed to a more volatile derivative appropriate for GC analysis. GC derivatization reagents, such as trimethylsilylation, acylation and alkylation reagents, are used for this conversion.
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