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TCI offers a wide selection of fine and specialty chemicals by drawing upon expert manufacturing techniques. Our products include more than 28,000 high quality organic reagents suitable for benchtop-to-bulk chemistry. This issue covers our chemistry expertise in glycoscience with the featured reagents sialylglycopeptide and disialyloctasaccharide, guanidinylation reagents used in drug discovery, amination reagent, chiral building blocks, and more.
Sialylglycopeptide and Disialyloctasaccharide

Sialylglycopeptide and Disialyloctasaccharide

TCI offers sialylglycopeptide (= SGP) [S0523] and disialyloctasaccharide [D4065], homogeneous human-type N-linked oligosaccharides as standard items for glycoscience research. In R&D, including bio-pharmaceutical fields, such oligosaccharides can be used as the substrates for oligosaccharide remodeling with a TCI-unique enzyme, "Endo-M". Using TCI reagents coupled with competitive pricing (several hundred gram-scale production available), your glyco research just got easier.
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Guanidinylation Reagents

Guanidinylation Reagents

The guanidine structure is a basic skeleton of bioactive substances. For example, saxitoxin and tetrodotoxin derived from puffer toxin, and batzelladine A as an HIV inhibitor in sea sponge are known as compounds bearing a guanidino group. Also pharmaceutical compounds like antiparasitic and antimicrobial agents often have a guanidine structure. Through the synthesis of guanidine derivatives in the drug discovery field, see the difference Guanidinylation reagents from TCI will have on your research.
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Hydroxylamine for the Transition-Metal-Free Amination Reaction

Hydroxylamine for the Transition-Metal-Free Amination Reaction

Hydroxylamine-O-sulfonic acid (= HSA) [H0530] is utilized in amination reactions of benzene moieties. HSA behaves as an amino cation equivalent and affords primary anilines in high yields by the treatment of phenylboronic acid derivatives at room temperature under basic conditions. This reaction is applicable to not only the substances with electron-donating groups but also those with electron-withdrawing groups. Furthermore, this reaction proceeds without any transition metals.
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New Products for Chiral Building Blocks

Browse TCI's newest Chiral Building Blocks to find products in Heterocyclic and Non Heterocyclic Building Blocks. We constantly release new and innovative products that give you more time for discovery!
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