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Armed with the ability to provide extremely high levels of purity, trace metal specifications, and very low water content, this newsletter reviews TCI's exclusive products in redox flow battery materials, sublimation-purified compounds, lead acetate anhydrous, and polymer synthesis reagents. TCI also provides an extensive catalog of organic reagents that are valuable tools in the field of Materials Science.
Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Battery Material with High Current Density: MEEPT

Non-Aqueous Redox Flow Battery Material

Redox flow batteries (RFBs), which have advantages in size, capacity, and scalability, represent one class of electrochemical energy storage devices. In order to advance this particular research field, TCI identifies materials with characteristics amenable for use in non-aqueous RFBs. Additionally, organic redox flow batteries (ORFBs) using organic active materials are also getting a second look because they are comprised of earth-abundant elements. If you’re researching ORFBs, TCI exclusively offers MEEPT [M3068] as an organic catholyte with high current density and long duration cycling for further development of non-aqueous RFBs.
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Sublimation-purified Compounds

Sublimation-purified Compounds

TCI serves the electronics industry by providing high quality materials to researchers. We use sublimation to manufacture the ultra-high purity materials necessary for many of today's high-tech devices. For example, you can immediately spot the improvement in purity when comparing the pre (dark purple) and the post (red) sublimated Quinacridone [Q0083] product above. To this end, TCI offers not only organic chemicals, but also inorganic chemicals such as Lead(II) Chloride [L0291] for solar researchers and more.
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Lead Acetate Anhydrous for Perovskites

Lead Acetate Anhydrous for Perovskites

Perovskite solar cells continue to receive warranted attention due to their increased efficiency and anticipated fabrication cost becoming more economical. The light absorbing layer in the solar cell consists of lead perovskites. High-quality perovskite precursors boost the solar cell efficiency with reproducibility and recently, several researchers used a lead acetate precursor in their perovskite research with promising results. TCI's Anhydrous lead acetate [L0315] allows for dry perovskite solar cell production, fast crystal growth of perovskites, and provides ultra-smooth pin-hole free perovskite films.
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New Products for Polymer Synthesis

Offering a broad range of properties, both synthetic and natural polymers play essential roles in everyday life. TCI manufactures and releases new and innovative raw materials and reagents for polymerization so if you're studying biomaterials, macromolecular science or polymers, see how TCI reagents can help support your research.
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