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At TCI, we employ advanced synthesis, refinement, and analysis techniques  and we offer numerous, world-class life science reagents. In this newsletter, we cover life science research in tissue clearing with our three new game-changing CUBIC reagents, how TH assists in bone formation, phospholipids for liposome research and more.

New CUBIC Reagents for Animal Tissue Clearing

If your research calls for obtaining optical transparency sufficient for imaging at cellular resolution,TCI offers three, brand new reagents for whole-tissue and body clearing. Previously very difficult to clear, we manufacture CUBIC-B [T3780] to optimize bone tissue clearing, CUBIC-HL [T3781] is suitable for clearing highly fatty tissues, and CUBIC-P [T3782] for mouse perfusion that aids with perfusion fixation. Our "CUBIC" reagents preserve the fluorescent protein signals, so when performing tissue imaging with GFP, fluorescent proteins, such as, EGFP, EYFP, mCherry, and mKate2, will retain their fluorescence signals.
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Helioxanthin Analogue (TH): Promoting Osteogenic Differentiation

Osteogenic Differentiation Promoting Agent

To effectively treat serious bone defects using bone regenerative medicine and in order to induce bone formation, TCI manufactures TH [M3085]. This helioxanthin analog is an osteogenic small compound that was first reported by Ohba et al in 2007. In their findings, TH not only stimulated osteoblast differentiation of osteoblast precursors, but it also enhanced bone regeneration in rodent bone defect models with the same effect also observed in mouse, human pluripotent stem cells, as well as human dental pulp stem cells.  
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Phospholipids (for DDS)

Phospholipids for Liposome Research

Phospholipids are phosphoric acid esters of fatty acid, which are major components of all cell membranes. It is well known that the thin polar membrane is made of two phospholipid layers (lipid bilayers) due to the amphiphilic property.  As an example of lipid bilayer, liposomes have capsule structure which can contain small amounts of other molecules. Liposomes consisting of phospholipids, such as TCI products DMPC [D3924], DSPE [D4214], DEPC [D5319], can be applied to controlled release dosage, drug delivery systems, and cosmetics.
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New Life Science Research Products

We offer a variety of new products including products for life science every week!
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