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The materials science field continues to produce new and advanced products that drive our technological world. To meet the demand for these new and innovative technologies, TCI offers high quality products like nanocarbonsbattery materials, photonic/optical materials, and magnetics. In this issue of our newsletter, see TCI expertise in zwitterionic monomersRAFT agentscoumarin dyes, and liquid crystal materials. We also provide an extensive catalog of organic reagents to aid in your design and discovery of new materials.
Zwitterionic Monomers Suitable for Biocompatible Polymer Synthesis

Zwitterionic Monomers Suitable for Biocompatible Polymer Synthesis

M2005 is a zwitterionic-structured methacrylate ester similar to phospholipids. M2359 and A3279 are respectively a methacrylate ester and an acrylamide having a betain-type zwitterionic structure. It's been reported that these monomers are polymerized to give unique biomaterials.
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RAFT Agents Effective in Controlled Radical Polymerization

RAFT agents, or chain transfer agents (CTA), are essential mediators for reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization reactions, a type of controlled radical polymerization. To achieve these transformations, compounds bearing thiocarbonylthio groups, such as D5561, C3546, and C3534 have been shown to be ideal. They are able to easily release radicals which mediate the reversible chain transfer reactions by virtue of the thiocarbonylthio group.
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Coumarin Dyes

Coumarin Dyes for Blue/Green Light

Coumarins are aromatic lactone compounds and many of them exist in natural plants. A coumarin compound with an electron-donating group on the 7-position shows strong light absorption and luminescence, whereas unsubstituted coumarin compounds are hardly luminescent. This is because intramolecular charge transfer occurs when electron-donating and -withdrawing groups coexist in the coumarin molecule. Coumarin dyes such as coumarin 481 [D4466], coumarin 30 [C2837] and coumarin 521T [C3046] are useful for laser dyes emitting blue-green light.
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New Products for LC Materials

With most contemporary electronic displays using liquid crystals, high-quality reagents can make or break your research. TCI manufactures many small-molecule-type liquid crystal materials that allow labs to advance research with confidence. 
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Our 50th Anniversary Issue of TCIMAIL

TCIMAIL is turning 50! TCIMAIL contains technical papers contributed by leading professors and scientists featuring TCI products. We invite you to read back issues that contain various scientific articles from prominent researchers. Be on the lookout for our 50th Anniversary issue coming in 2019!

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