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As a vital part of life and a versatile class of reactions, condensation reactions are an essential tool to connect molecules not only between amino acids, but also in the biosynthesis of fatty acids. Below, you'll find valuable information on TCI's wide range of high quality condensing agents such as TCFH, esterification organocatalyst, and transesterification catalysts and more.
Condensing Agents

Condensing Agents

Esterification and amidation (coupling) is regarded as one of the most basic reactions in organic chemistry. Among these reactions and well known, is esterification under an acidic conditions. However, this method is often ineffective when applied to thermally unstable materials. To this end, milder conditions and condensing agents have been developed by TCI to surmount this problem. Click below for our "Condensing Agents" brochure that includes various references and applications. 
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Condensation Reagent for Hindered Carboxylic Acids and Low-nucleophilic Amines

TCFH[C1957] is utilized as a condensation reagent for sterically congested carboxylic acids and amines. Treatment of C1957 to a carboxylic acid and an amine at room temperature along with N-methylimidazole as an activator affords the corresponding amide in good yields. The reaction proceeds with sterically hinderd amino acids such as valine and S-protected cysteines, as well as low nucleophilic aniline derivatives with little epimerization occuring.
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Organocatalyst for Photocatalytic Esterification

Organocatalyst for Photocatalytic Esterification

Diisopropyl hydrazine-1,2-dicarboxylate [D5365] is a known byproduct of Mitsunobu reaction's when using diisopropyl azodicarboxylate. However, it can be utilized as a catalyst for photoesterification. In the presence of a catalytic amount of D5365 and the flavin derivative under an oxygen atmosphere, carboxylic acids and alcohols will react to afford ester products, typically in good yields via irradiation with 450 nm of light.
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Tetranuclear Zinc Cluster Catalyst for Transesterification

Tetranuclear Zinc Cluster Catalyst for Transesterification

ZnTAC24® [Z0035] is a trifluoroacetate-bridged µ-oxo tetranuclear zinc complex which catalyzes highly chemoselective O-acylation of aminoalcohols using esters. Additionally, it's been reported that ZnTAC24® is applicable to deacetylation of acetic esters, and oxazolination of esters due to the ester-activation activity.
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Our 50th Anniversary Issue of TCIMAIL

TCIMAIL is turning 50! TCIMAIL contains technical papers contributed by leading professors and scientists featuring TCI products. We invite you to read back issues that contain various scientific articles from prominent researchers. Be on the lookout for our 50th Anniversary issue coming in 2019!

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