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In the global race to make all modern devices cheaper, stronger, and more functional, your research begins with starting materials of the highest quality. At TCI, we make quality paramount and in this issue, we feature just a sample of TCI's material science reagents and chemistry expertise in organic linker molecules, organic nonlinear optical material, nanodiamonds, and more.
Organic Linker Molecules for Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

Organic Linker Molecules for Metal Organic Frameworks

With over 20,000 examples of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) reported to date, TCI offers a wide variety of organic ligands (organic linkers) for the design of various MOFs. The unique structures allow for extensive and varied chemical combinations between metal ions and organic ligands. Future applications include gas storage and separation, sensors, and for catalysis.
More on Organic Linkers for MOFs
Organic Nonlinear Optical Material with High Electro-optic Effects

Organic Nonlinear Optical Material with High Electro-optic Effects

Found within most modern telecom networks and developed over 4 decades ago, advancements in organic nonlinear optics (NLOs) are light years from its origins. NLOs are seen as a viable alternative to inorganic single crystals that are often costly, hard to grow in high quality, and difficult to work with. Click to see how TCI's organic NLO material NEO-823 [N1056] shows high electro-optic (EO) effects.
More on NEO-823


Being inexpensive, used in large-scale synthesis, and with limitless applications in life science and materials science, nanodiamonds are widely investigated. Having the same crystal structure of diamonds along with the beneficial properties of a typical diamond, TCI offers a amine-modified nanodiamond [N0968] and carboxyl-modified nanodiamond [N0969] for your research. Both have substitution groups on the surface, and can be added further properties by functional group transformation.
Find Your Nanodiamonds

Organic Material Building Blocks Purified by Sublimation

We understand that chemical purity is of particular importance to your electronic materials research, including polyaromatic hydrocarbons. Improve your research results and check out TCI's offering of organic material building blocks purified by sublimation.
See TCI's Organic Material Building Blocks

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