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Life science research demands skilled scientists, modern equipment and high purity reagents that produce repeatability. Employing advanced synthesis, refinement, and analysis techniques, this issue covers applications for our albumin binding modification reagentspreweighed biotinylation reagentsoil red Oimmunosuppressant and immunostimulant ingredients and more. 
Albumin Binding Modification Reagents

Albumin Binding Modification Reagents

In pharmaceutical research, pharmacokinetics is just one of the important factors for drug efficacy. Pharmacokinetics of drugs and contrasting agents is optimized by introducing fatty acids and diphenylcyclohexane derivatives that have an affinity with human serum albumin. Several insulin drugs that have a regulated half-life in blood by modification with fatty acids, such as myristate or palmitate, have recently been developed and approved for use. These reagents are expected to be available for optimization of pharmacokinetics along with peptides that generally have a short half-life within blood.
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TCI N-Glycans

Most N-Glycans available outside of the TCI network rely on natural sources and usually produce a low purity product. Chemists using TCI's high quality and unique line-up of N-Glycans work with confidence knowing each has the required purity and is fully QC'd to meet your specifications.
N-Glycans [Functional Oligosaccharides]
N-Glycans [Glyco Building Blocks]
Organocatalysts for Asymmetric Michael Additional Reactions

Pre-Weighed Biotinylation Reagents

Detection and purification of proteins is a core method within any life science experiment. The biotin-avidin interaction is often used to detect or purify proteins because of its high binding affinity. Biotin-LC-LC-NHS [B6096] and Biotin-PEG2-NHS [B6097] are biotinylation reagents containing both a linker and an N-hydroxysuccinimidyl ester (NHS) moiety and are pre-weighed in amounts suitable for protein biotinylation. They can biotinylate proteins by reacting with amino groups (-NH2) of proteins and by forming amide bonds at pH between 7 and 9.
Pre-Weighted Biotinylation Reagents
Oil Red O

Staining Fat Cells and Lipids

A diazo dye, oil red O [O0483] is widely used for staining fat cell and lipids. This lysochrome (fat-soluble) red dye can also be used when staining neutral triglycerides and low polar lipids. Typically done on fresh or frozen samples, oil red O also removes lipids via alcohol fixation.Usage is simple in that the dye only requires washing after the addition of the staining solution making lipids visually easy to identify. Furthermore, accumulation of lipids can be quantified by eluting the dye using isopropyl alcohol after staining and measuring the absorbance.
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Immunosuppressant Ingredients, Immunostimulant Ingredients

Immunosuppressant and Immunostimulant Ingredients

A very active area of cancer research, immunotherapy can trigger the immune system to fight our various ailments and illnesses including certain forms of cancer. Immunosuppressant ingredients are chemical and medicinal agents used for the suppression and regulation of immune system responses. Pharmacologically speaking, these agents have varied and useful mechanisms of action including use in inflammatory gene expression regulation, suppression of lymphocyte signal transduction, neutralization of cytokine activity, and inhibition lymphocyte proliferation by agent-induced cytotoxicity. Immunostimulant or immunopotentiating ingredients are agents that stimulate the immune system by inducing activation or increasing activity in any of its components.
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