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TCI offers an extensive catalog of 29,000 high quality organic reagents suitable for benchtop-to-bulk chemistry. In this issue, we feature a sample of our available catalysts like our rhodium catalyst for cis-selective hydrogenation of aromatic rings and our manganese complex catalyst for hydrogenation. We also feature our aziridine derivative for trifluoroalkylamine synthesis and give a look at our newly created page for name reactions and the necessary reagents.
Rhodium Catalyst for cis-Selective Hydrogenation of Aromatic Rings

Rhodium Catalyst for cis-Selective Hydrogenation of Aromatic Rings

With CAAC (Cyclic(Amino)(Alkyl)Carbene)-rhodium complex [C3592] having a strong σ-donating ligand, it's widely used as an efficient and selective aromatic hydrogenation catalyst. Key features of C3592 include use in the synthesis of cyclohexane moieties, while still retaining various functional groups like carbonyls, silyls, and boryls in a single step. Under these conditions, the cis-configured saturated hydrocarbon is selectively given.
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Named Reactions

Name Reactions

Understanding the fundamental reactions of organic chemistry is paramount to successful research. New and senior chemists benefit from reviewing the cornerstones of synthetic chemistry and the various reagents required to be successful in the lab. Not only do these reactions appear in every synthetic endeavor, they inspire new innovations and reactions based off their fundamental principles. To assist our global research colleagues, TCI has recently prepared a small list of essential named reactions, such as the Grignard  and Vilsmeier-Haack reactions, for easy reference with the necassary reagents required.
See Our Name Reaction List
Highly Air-stable Manganese Catalyst Usable for Versatile Hydrogenations

Highly Air-stable Manganese Catalyst Usable for Versatile Hydrogenations

A highly air-stable manganese complex with pincer ligands, Bromodicarbonyl[bis[(2-diisopropylphosphino)ethyl]amine]manganese(I) [B5670] can catalyze various hydrogenation reactions such as nitrile reduction, but also is applicable to the transfer of hydrogenation reactions using IPA as a hydrogen source. Additionally, we expect B5670 as an alternative to precious metal catalysts.
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Aziridine Derivative for the Synthesis of a Trifluoroalkylamine Moiety

Aziridine Derivative for the Synthesis of a Trifluoroalkylamine Moiety

Useful in the synthesis of trifluoroalkylamine derivatives, its been reported that 1-tosyl-2-(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)aziridine [T3795] reacts with various carbon and nitrogen nucleophiles to provide ring-opening adducts with high regioselectivity and in high yields. Furthermore, when the indole adduct is treated with acetaldehyde, the tetrahydroharmine derivative containing a fluorinated functional group is afforded via a Pictet-Spengler reaction.
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Carbon-Donor Ligands
Redox Flow Battery Materials
Epitope Oligosaccharides
The structures above represent only a tiny portion of the 29,000 organic chemicals available for your research. 9,000 of these are exclusively available when you choose TCI. Work with confidence knowing that all of our reagents are quality tested to ensure they meet specifications and expectations.

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