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At TCI, we support discovery in life sciences through our knowledge and expertise in organic small molecules. In this issue we focus on our high-quality carbohydrate-binding proteins, Oligosaccharide conjugates, ferroptosis research agents and the highly bioactive product, ingenol. We also have thousands of other useful compounds available only at TCI for your research and development.
Carbohydrate-binding Proteins (Anti-sugar Antibodies and Lectins)

Carbohydrate-binding Proteins (Anti-sugar Antibodies and Lectins)

TCI supports glycoscience research by offering anti-sugar antibodies and lectins as carbohydrate-binding proteins. We produce antibodies against glycolipids; ganglio series, globo series, lacto series, and neo-lacto series are also available at TCI. Biotin-labeled anti-carbohydrate antibodies are also available. On the other hand, TCI offers not only recombinant lectins which show better stability compared with lectins extracted from natural resources, but also chemically modified lectins such as several types of biotinylated lectin and lectin-agarose for detection and capturing of glycoconjugates.
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Oligosaccharide Conjugates

Oligosaccharide Conjugates

TCI offers a large selection of reagents that can be used for the preparation of carbohydrate compound combinations and carbohydrate-protein combinations in addition to tools for the evaluation of oligosaccharides conjugated to human serum albumin (HSA). Additionally, biotin-glyco-conjugates and chemically-synthesized glycolipids such as α-galactosyl ceramide [G0509] are available from TCI.
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Ferroptosis Research Reagents

Ferroptosis Research Reagents

Ferroptosis is a recently recognized form of regulated cell death characterized by the accumulation of lipid peroxidation products and lethal reactive oxygen species (ROS) derived from iron metabolism. Activation of mitochondrial voltage-dependent anion channels and mitogen-activated protein kinases, upregulation of endoplasmic reticulum stress, and inhibition of cystine/glutamate anti-porter is involved in the induction of ferroptosis. TCI offers ferroptosis inhibitors like trolox [H0726] and ebselen [E0946], and ferroptosis activators like L-glutamic acid [G0059].
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Ingenol: Highly Strained Natural Product as a Core of Powerful Bioactive Compounds

Ingenol: Highly Strained, Natural Product as a Core for Powerful Bioactive Compounds

Ingenol [I1112] is a diterpene isolated from Euphobia family and its structure was determined in 1970. Although ingenol has a weak activity against protein kinase C, its derivatives show wide range of bioactivity. For instance, ingenol 3-mebutate, an angelate ester at 3-hydroxy group of ingenol, is utilized as a therapeutic medicine for solar keratosis (a precancerous skin condition). The mechanism of ingenol 3-mebutate involves activation of protein kinase C and acts as an indicator of anticancer and anti-HIV activities.
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