KeyVisual GC Delivertize reagent
KeyVisual Organotrifluoroborates for Cross-coupling leading to Hydroxymethylarenes and Aminomethylarenes
KeyVisual N-Glycan
KeyVisual S-(Fluoroalkyl)sulfonium Salts
KeyVisual Peroxidase (HRP) Labeling Reagent, Thiol Reactive (H1621)
KeyVisual TCI's Organic Transistor (OFET) Materials
KeyVisual Cyclic Alkyl Amino Carbene (CAAC ) Precursor
KeyVisual Watch the TCI Video on Paraffin Capsules

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Sodium hypochlorite pentahydrate (1) is an easy-to-handle crystalline solid oxidant which has higher stability than its aqueous solution counterpart. In the synthesis of trivalent iodide compounds such as (diaceteoxyiodo)arenes, s ...

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