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TCI provides a wide selection of reagents for advancement in healthcare, treatments, diagnostics, and more. We supply chemicals reagents to thousands of research institutes all over the world that advance progress in medical research.

In addition to providing essential bioactive compounds, TCI has a number of specialty products that support the development of novel drug delivery systems and pharmaceutical research reagents. Moreover, we are a world leader in synthesizing unique glyco compounds, such as sialic acids, oligosaccharides, glycoproteins, and glycolipids.

We offer many important materials for research to the life sciences, including reagents for: 

Our products are used for discoveries in genomic and proteomic analysis, cell culture, imaging, molecular biology, and biotechnology to name a few. We offer outstanding products and world-class customer service.

Custom Synthesis, Custom Manufacturing & Production Chemicals

In addition to bulk fine chemicals, TCI specializes in custom synthesis and custom manufacturing. We can meet your exact specifications from milligram to ton scale. Learn More.

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