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Contract Research and Manufacturing

Contract Research and Manufacturing

Most chemists agree that the quality of a product is influenced by the quality of the starting materials. We understand that in order to make the best outcomes possible, our customers need the best ingredients. TCI offers a wide selection of top quality chemicals to support drug discovery, materials research, and synthesis.

At TCI, you can find raw materials to support organic synthesis at every stage. Find what you need for synthesis, reaction monitoring and purification, and analysis, all in one place. For easy access, see the directory below:


Reaction Monitoring and Purification


Custom Synthesis & Manufacturing

When the time comes to scale up, TCI can help with production projects. From partnerships with leading research institutions to high volume manufacturing, relationships are at the heart of our business. TCI offers custom synthesis and custom manufacturing, with the option for GMP. We can meet your exact specifications from milligram to ton scale. Learn More.

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