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In recent years, materials science has improved our lives through developments in solar cell, semiconductor, battery, and organic transistor technology research. Modern devices with brighter, sharper displays run longer due to advancements in battery technology. Solar energy efficiency has increased exponentially. The cumulative effect of this progress gives meaning to the saying, “The future is now.”

TCI serves the electronics industry by providing quality materials to researchers. We use sublimation and zone refinement to manufacture ultra-high purity materials. In addition, we synthesize raw materials that meet low trace metal specifications, at exceedingly high purities, and with the potential for providing kg quantities. This means that when you open a TCI bottle, you can rely on clean starting materials. If you decide to scale up, you can continue sourcing from us.

Chemicals we offer to facilitate research in Materials Science include:

Custom Synthesis, Custom Manufacturing & Production Chemicals

In addition to bulk fine chemicals, TCI specializes in custom synthesis and custom manufacturing. We can meet your exact specifications from milligram to ton scale. Learn More.

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