Online Catalogue Usage

1Product Name
TCI's Catalogue Name
It shows the other name and the common name etc. of the product.
3TCI Product No.
TCI's Catalogue Number, please use the product number with the chemical name when inquiring and ordering.
4Unit Sizes
Available packaged quantities. (Varies per item.)
US Dollar  
6Available stock
>10 means that our warehouse holds more than 10 units of item in stock for immediate dispatch.
7Request Bulk Quotation
Link to Request Quotation Form for unavailable quantities.
8Purity / Analysis Method
Symbol Analysis Method
(GC) by Gas Chromatography
(T) by Titrimetric Analysis
(W) by Gravimetric Analysis
(E) by Absorptiometry
(HPLC) by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
(N) Nitrogen Analysis
(qNMR) by quantitative NMR
(NMR) by NMR
(V) by Gas Buret
9Storage Temperature
Refrigerated Storage or Frozen Storage is shown if needed. 
Even if there is no special indication for storage, we recommend keeping products in a cool, dark place. Please be aware that there may be differences in the recommended storage conditions marked on the product label and the storage temperature indicated in the catalog.
For more information, please refer to “Storage Temperature and Transport Temperature”.
10M.F. / M.W.
Molecular Formula / Molecular Weight
11CAS Number
Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number
12Related CAS Number
Replaced CAS Numbers and deleted CAS Numbers.
13MDL Number
Reproduced with license of Symyx Available Chemicals Directory.

15Data of Reference
It's based on literature and our measurements data. (Please note that this isn't specification details which could vary with lot number of each product.) *(Lit.) = Literature value. These values are not spec but reference.
ee Enantiomeric excess
er Enantiomeric ratio
de Diastereomeric excess
dr Diastereomeric ratio
fp Freezing Point
mp Melting Point
bp Boiling Point
SG Specific Gravity
[α]20D Optical Rotation
λmax λmax
flp Flash Point
Colour Index CI Number from "Colour Index" (3rd edition)
EC Enzyme Commission Number
Beilstein Beilstein [vol. (suppl.) part, page]
Reaxys Registry Number Reaxys Data is used with kind permission of the copyright owner Elsevier Properties SA.
Copyright 2010-2011 ©, Elsevier Properties SA, All rights reserved. Authorized use only. Reaxys® is a trademark owned and protected by Elsevier Properties SA and used under license.
PubChem Substance ID PubChem, released in 2004, provides information on the biological activities of small molecules.
PubChem is organized as three linked databases within the NCBI's Entrez information retrieval system.
Merck Index(14) Monograph Number from "The Merck Index" (14th edition) Reproduced with permission from The Merck Index, Fourteenth Edition.
Copyright©2006 by Merck & Co., Inc., Whitehouse Station, NJ, USA. All rights reserved.
F&F Fieser & Fieser (vol., page)
RTECS# Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances Number
Globally Harmonized System of Classifi cation and Labelling of Chemicals
18Transport Information
UN Number (UN No.), Hazard Class(es), Packing Group (PG)
One of the application examples of the corresponding product.
Link to the Specification Sheet.
21Certificate of Analysis
Link to the Certificate of Analysis corresponding to the entered lot number.
Link to the PDF of Material Safety Data Sheet.
Link to the PDF of NMR Sheet.
24Related Categories
Link to list of additional items in related product categories.
25Related Information (TCI MAIL)
Link to the Application page of TCI MAIL.
26Spectral Data (SDBS)
Reference Number of the Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds, constructed by AIST in Japan.