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Reagent for Protein Determination

The determination of protein concentration is essential for biochemical research. Pyrogallol Red (Ready-to-use solution) (1) is supplied as a ready-to-use solution for quantitative protein determination. 1 reacts with molybdate to afford the pyrogallol red-molybdate complex with maximum absorption at 480 nm. Subsequently the complex is bound to proteins thereby shifting the maximum absorption to 600 nm. Thus, 1 can be applied to determine the amounts of proteins in test samples because absorbance of the protein-binding complex at 600 nm increases linearly in proportion to the amount of proteins. This solution stains cuvettes negligibly, and the cuvettes can be washed with water alone.

Direction for Use: Please refer to our website (TCI Product No. P2575).

This product is for research purpose only.


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